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Hyperbaric/Hypobaric Chamber

  • Hyperbaric Chamber ProOx-820
Hyperbaric Chamber ProOx-820

Hyperbaric Chamber ProOx-820

  • Product description: Hyperbaric Chamber ProOx-820 is used to simulate an hyperbaric environment. The oxygen concentration is fully automated, which allows a smooth and uniform automatic control and maintenance of oxygen c

Hyperbaric Chamber ProOx-820

Hyperbaric Chamber ProOx-820 is used to simulate an hyperbaric environment. The oxygen concentration is fully automated, which allows a smooth and uniform automatic control and maintenance of oxygen concentration in the chamber, suitable for small to medium-sized animals such as dogs, monkeys, rabbits and rats.

Hyperbaric Chamber ProOx-820 consists of animal chamber(s), gas delivery control system, environmental monitoring system, video monitoring function, temperature control system, etc. Indirectly controlling the effect of oxygen concentration becomes possible by adjusting the mixing ratio of oxygen (or air) and nitrogen in the animal chamber. The level of oxygen concentration and the time required to maintain the low oxygen environment are automatically controlled by the central processing unit. The equipment is highly automated, and thus saving manpower. The use of flow meter, gas distributor and buffer chamber can reduce or even eliminate the influence of jet flow on small animals. It has the advantages of uniform and gentle air supply and eliminates the uneven distribution of oxygen concentration in animal chambers from the source.

Product Features and Parameters

Safety Measure

From the beginning of design to the final completion of testing and inspection, the equipment follows a strict production process;

Equipped with emergency shutdown and automatic exhaust system to adapt to various conditions.

Animal Chamber

The main body is made of imported reinforced acrylic, which is firm and reliable, transparent for close observation.

Supported by aluminum alloy and stainless steel.

Casters are secured with brake design.

Gas Delivery Control System

Medical grade sound-proof high pressure pump and low pressure pump provide stable pressure for the system.

The whole piping system adopts explosion-proof pipes, which is resistant to pressure.

It has a gas buffer, which reduces or even eliminates the influence of the jet flow on small animals.

Multilevel air filtration system ensures a clean gas source and eliminates the risk of fire caused by hydrocarbons. It can also remove particulate matter, moisture, oil, and oil vapor from the gas supply.

Automatic control of oxygen concentration and the duration of maintaining the specific concentration.

Experimental Monitoring, Control and Alarm

Monitoring parameters: temperature, humidity, pressure, oxygen concentration and carbon dioxide concentration in the chamber.

Control parameters: temperature, humidity, pressure, oxygen concentration, oxygen concentration maintenance time in the chamber.

Alarm parameters: temperature upper limit, temperature lower limit, pressure upper limit, pressure lower limit, oxygen concentration upper limit, oxygen concentration lower limit.

Monitoring of Animal Physiological Indicators

Monitoring indexes (optional) : electrocardiogram, body temperature, blood pressure, respiration, oxygen saturation in blood;

Extension interface can be opt for intravenous injection, blood collection, blood pressure monitoring, etc.

Video monitoring function

Equipped with video capture card and camera for recordings and photography.

Temperature Control System

It has animal thermostatic platform, the temperature can be controlled.

The thermostatic mechanism of water circulation is adopted to prevent the potential danger of electric heating in hyperoxic environment.

Our company can provide 3Q qualification to assist customers to qualify the system in all aspects.

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